Tompkins records: Woman charged in 2 meth lab busts in one year

ITHACA, N.Y. – A woman is slated to be sentenced for her second meth lab bust in a year, records show.

Candida Velazquez has pleaded guilty to felony third-degree unlawful manufacturing of methamphetamine. She was scheduled to be sentenced Friday but could not find transportation to Ithaca from her Cortland home.

Records state that Velazquez was charged at 8:20 a.m. on Oct. 24 at 177 Main Street in Groton after police say they found materials used to make methamphetamine in her home.

Court records show that police found the following:

– 96 pills of pseudoephedrine

– Drain opener with sulfuric acid

– 24 ounces of sea salt -sterno cooking jelly

– a digital scale

– Other materials such as tubing, a funnel and residue crusted blender

She and her co-defendant and boyfriend, Kenneth O. Bush, admitted to the making methamphetamine, police said in court records.

Velazquez was also convicted of felony third-degree unlawful manufacturing of methamphetamine June 7 in Cortlandville, according to WBNG.

She and her husband Ramon Velazquez were pulled over by a police officer saw contraband and methamphetamine in the vehicle, the report says.

Court records show that her sentence will be served concurrently with her Cortland County charge.