What move-in weekend at SUNY Cortland looked like 50 years ago

CORTLAND, N.Y. – This weekend, thousands of SUNY Cortland students are moving into their residence halls on campus.

To mark the occasion, we decided to dig up some vintage photos that give a glimpse of what move-in weekend looked like in the 1960s.

(The following photos come from Leonard Ralston's Cortland College: An Illustrated History.)

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Sixties freshmen wearing beanies announcing their "inferior status" – a mild hazing that continued until the early 1970s:



Students at break waiting for buses, a frequent arrangement after trains stopped passenger service in 1958, and before the automobile took over (1970s):



A fall move-in, circa 1960s:




We're not sure if this photo was taken during move-in weekend, we just really like it:

suny cortland old 

A view of downtown Cortland, circa 1945:


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