SUNY Cortland officials investigating offensive sign at off-campus house

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An incident at Old Dominion University last week drew lots of negative attention, but some SUNY Cortland students must've thought it wasn't that offensive. Students arriving on campus Friday were greeted by a banner at an off-campus house that read, "Freshman Daughter Drop-Off."

The house on Groton Avenue in Cortland next to an auto service shop, a couple of blocks from the SUNY Cortland campus, had several young men sitting in front of it, along with the banner. We have independently verified the location of the photo.

At Old Dominion late last week, a banner that said "Freshman Daughter Drop-Off" was joined by "Hope your baby girl is ready for a good time" and "Go ahead and drop mom off too" banners in front of a house where several Sigma Nu fraternity members live, according to coverage in Jezebel.

suny cortland banner

A sign near the SUNY Cortland campus on Friday afternoon. Photo courtesy of Jamie VanHoesen.

Officials at Old Dominion, student government representatives, and Sigma Nu national officials have all spoken out against the signs, saying they reinforce rape culture by making light of sexual assault.

"This sign was brought to SUNY Cortland’s attention this afternoon," according to SUNY Cortland director of public relations Frederic Pierce, who got back to us after this article was originally published. "University Police immediately notified Cortland Police, who addressed the issue with the residents. The residents then removed the sign.

"The College will investigate the incident," says Pierce. "If SUNY Cortland students were involved, we will explore whether they violated the student code of conduct."

"SUNY Cortland is committed to providing a safe, welcoming and nurturing environment for all of our students," Pierce tells us. "The sentiment displayed through this unacceptable behavior is completely at odds with the values and policies of SUNY Cortland."

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