Cortland's favorite food truck has big plans for the future

CORTLANDVILLE, N.Y. – On the surface, Joey Maynard’s food truck, Pig Vycious BBQ, demonstrates itself as a successful business that was thrown together without much effort. However, for Maynard, getting his business to where it is today has been anything but easy.

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In June 2014, Maynard found himself sitting on the side of the road with a countertop, a make-shift cooker, and a sign announcing he was open for business. A harsh winter came in October that brought little to no revenue. It was not until March 11, 2015, that Maynard went and shoveled a path to his truck. And it was at that moment people started coming.

“I wanted to hang it up for a few months, I really did," Maynard recalls. "You’ve never worked so hard in your life until you've built something from nothing. It’s been so hard and nothing happens the same twice. Owning this has been difficult, but it’s a learning experience and we are taking it day by day."

maynard cooking

Joey Maynard prepares racks of ribs for the day's customers (Photos by Peter Blanchard/Cortland Voice)

Since March, Maynard and his partner, Natalie Potter, have been working harder than ever to increase the profits of their up and coming business. The mobility of the food truck, which is located at 985 Route 13 across from CountryMax, allows Maynard to move to events or festivals and makes working at such places an easier task, as the kitchen travels with him.

“We’ve done a lot of events in the local area including Pumpkinfest, Arts and Wines Festival, Cortland Comeback and the Dryden Lake Festival,” Potter says. “For our first year being out here, we have been doing well.”

Maynard’s “Northeastern” barbecue style is original to his food truck, bringing a combination of cooking styles he has learned over time. The menu includes a multitude of meat options including chicken, pork, and beef. Maynard’s love for music is evident in his dishes: his menu includes items like “Sweet Caroline” and “CBGB.” The truck also features a hot pepper relish named “Dio,” after rock legend Ronnie James Dio, who grew up in Cortland.

pigvycious bbqAlthough Maynard appears to have his business on stable ground, he has expressed frustration with laws regarding when and where food trucks can operate in the city.

“We need laws for food trucks to park on Main Street,” Maynard says. “We can’t get there unless the city invites us.” As he presses for change, his goal is to pave the way for local food trucks.

As for the future, Maynard and Potter plan to build both outdoor and indoor seating at the original location of the food truck. At a recent Cortlandville planning board meeting, Maynard received initial approval from town officials to start building renovations.

They already provide catering services and are hoping to include themed nights for families, college students, and anyone who is interested in attending.

The duo also hopes to continue working at different events, catering parties, and hopefully one day parking their food truck downtown as they please.

As for the fate of Pig Vycious BBQ, the possibilities are endless, and Maynard plans to keep his business running through the winter.

“I think it’s different," he says. "It’s new and exciting, and by next year we will be standing at one of the coolest spots in Cortland.”

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