Cortland County issues call for foster parents

CORTLAND, N.Y. – The foster parents for the Cortland County Department of Social Services provide a service to our community that is of immeasurable importance. We believe that our foster parents are truly exceptional individuals, because they are willing to open their hearts and homes to children who are in need of a temporary home. They are really unique families, who are dedicated to helping children and their families.

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There is a continuous need for foster homes throughout Cortland County. In addition, there is a concentrated interest for more foster homes within the Cortland City School District. The Department of Social Services is often forced to move children into different school districts. The transition into foster care is a difficult one for children. It is usually preferable to keep children in the same school district. When children have to adjust to a new school, it makes the transition into foster care even more difficult.

As more children enter foster care and the number of available openings dwindles, it sometimes becomes necessary to separate siblings from one another. This is a very difficult thing for agency representatives to do, but when no foster family is able to accept all of the children in a sibling group, the Department of Social Services is left with no other option. There is also a great need for foster parents with a background in nursing to care for children with special physical needs.

Cortland County is in need of individuals who are willing to become foster parents. We are looking for caring individuals who are able to provide a stable and loving home environment for children. Prospective foster/adoptive parents will receive complete certification training (MAPP/GPSII training set to begin 3/17/16), ongoing support, and reimbursement for the cost of providing care. Cortland County promotes equal opportunity and encourages diversity in families. If you would like more information about foster parenting and how you could help to make a difference in the life of a child, please contact Jennifer Hammond at (607) 753-5347.


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