Grant funds rescue tool for McLean Fire Department

The following is a republished press release from the McLean Fire Department and not an article written by The Cortland Voice … to submit a community announcement, press release or information about an upcoming event, email Peter Blanchard at [email protected].

MCLEAN, N.Y. — The McLean Fire Department received a $9000 grant from Cargill Deicing Technology for the purchase of a new Thermal Imaging Camera (TIC). Our Fire Department operates on an annual budget of $13000, all fundraised and donated money. Operating for the Mclean Fire District, located in the rural northeast corner of Tompkins County, neither the Department nor the District could afford to fund a TIC. Through the generosity of Cargill, the department was able to purchase a Bullard Eclipse Thermal Imager.

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The TIC is used as a tool to assist in search and rescue and with finding hidden fires inside walls. Two days after receiving the new imager one of our members, and an employee of Cargill, requested assistance at a relative’s house for an electrical odor in the building. The TIC allowed firefighters to quickly locate an electrical fire that had smoldered inside the wall. The irony of receiving the grant from Cargill and having the TIC’s first use be for a Cargill employee cannot be ignored.

Cargill Deicing Technologies also regularly donates salt for use at our fire station during winter snow months. The McLean Fire Department would like to share its gratitude.

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