Jeffrey Horton verdict: Guilty of rape, 11 of 14 charges

ITHACA, N.Y. – Jeffrey Horton was convicted on 11 of 14 charges Monday afternoon, including first-degree rape.

Horton attacked and raped a woman he knew in her own home on March 24, 2015. The most severe charge, first-degree rape, carries a sentence of five to 25 years in prison.

When the guilty verdict was read by the jury foreman, Horton hung and shook his head. A woman watching the verdict burst into tears and sobbed.

"...there is no reason to grant the defendant bail at this time," Assistant District Attorney Diane Lama said.

She said she was concerned about the safety of the victim and worried that Horton could try to leave town or,as he allegedly said while committing the crime, hurt or kill himself.

Horton's bail was revoked and he was taken into custody until his sentencing on July 22.

Defense attorney Kenneth Moynihan said outside the courthouse that he plans to file an appeal after post-trial motions.

Lama, along with Deputy District Attorney Andrew Bonavia, said one of the biggest parts of the trial was the victim's willingness to take the stand in open court, and describe the trauma and rape she experienced by Horton.

During nearly a six-day trial, witnesses were called to the stand to testify about the morning Horton turned himself in to New York State police troopers; the former complainant and Horton's tumultuous relationship; and the couple's drinking and sexual habits.

Horton and the woman accusing him of the crimes both took the stand.

Horton was taken out of court in handcuffs by court officers.

The verdict

Horton was declared guilty on the following 11 charges:

  • First-degree rape (felony)
  • First-degree criminal sex act (felony)
  • First-degree sexual abuse (felony)
  • Third-degree aggravated sexual abuse
  • Third-degree assault (felony)
  • First-degree burglary (felony)
  • Second-degree burglary (felony)
  • Third-degree menacing (misdemeanor)
  • Second-degree unlawful imprisonment (misdemeanor)
  • Third-degree stalking (misdemeanor)
  • Fourth-degree stalking (misdemeanor)

Horton was declared not guilty on the following 3 charges:

  • Third-degree aggravated sexual abuse
  • First-degree burglary as a sexually motivated felony (felony)
  • Second-degree burglary as a sexually motivated felony (felony)