Lockout over, workers to return to work at Dryden gas pipeline station


ITHACA, N.Y. — Workers who had been locked out at the Borger Transmission Station in Dryden and dozens of other facilities across the northeast will be able to return to work on Saturday.

Wednesday marked the one-week mark for of a lockout affecting over 900 union workers across the northeast, including around 15 at the Dryden station. The lockout came following a breakdown in negotiations between Dominion, the energy company that owns the pipeline, and the United Gas Workers Union Local 69.

Local union workers had been picketing near the facility as recently as Wednesday afternoon.

According to a joint statement released by Dominion and Local 69, the two parties reached an agreement under which the union agreed not to strike or otherwise slow work until April 2017.

The company had previously stated the primary driver behind the lockout was a sense of "uncertainty" with the labor situation, although the union had not threatened a strike. Dominion said they could not risk their customers being left unserved during the winter months if a strike were to occur.

The two parties will return to the negotiating table in October to continue working toward a new contract.