Cortland Voice is heating up!

Season's Greetings!

2016 is coming to a close and even though temperatures are dropping, we here at the Cortland Voice are just starting to heat things up!

Two Cool Dudes

Hanging out at our new office space at the Homer Center for the Arts!

There are a number of changes that we've made over the past few months that will help us continue to bring you all the news that is most relevant to you. We recently brought on a new team member: Max Hoeschele (Hey, that's me!) as sales manager. His role will be to keep track of our sponsors, maintain our donation page on Patreon and to contribute as much as possible in other ways. We also have moved into an office space to help facilitate our growth. It's small — but with a two-man team it suits us perfectly! Located at the Homer Center for the Arts, we're looking forward to having a base of operations as we progress.

With growth of our own infrastructure comes changes to our site! In the coming weeks we will be making some minor changes here and there:

  • Our Patreon Donor page will soon be updated with brand new donor gifts! In the future, whenever you decide to donate $5 or more, you will receive a Cortland Voice bumper sticker! On top of this, your name will be added to a thank you page on the website in order to properly acknowledge those who are helping our mission. (Note that if you have already donated $5 through our Patreon page in the past, the bumper sticker will still be sent to you!)
  • A "thank you" page will be added to the site! All donor names will be added to this section — first name, last initial by default.
  • Photos have been added back to the news section!
  • We will soon begin to accept user-submitted photos as well, with the goal of creating a weekly publication with the best submissions!
  • Bi-Weekly Blog Posts! This post is just the first of many posts to come — written so that our readers and supporters can track our progress.
  • More video content! If you saw our short video post on the Cortaca Jug earlier this year, you can expect more content like that on the way! Bite-sized news and info directly related to our area!

We're super excited to bring these many changes your way and to continue to bring you the local content you deserve!