A message to our readers: Cortland Voice needs your support

Since launching The Cortland Voice in June 2015, our news organization has enjoyed tremendous support from both local businesses and organizations who have chosen to sponsor us and our loyal readers that have been with us from day one.

In 2016, our site received 1.5 million pageviews. An average of 1,200 people visit The Cortland Voice every day to find out what's happening in the Cortland community (On a particularly busy news day in November, more than 8,000 people came to our site.). We're quickly approaching 10,000 Facebook followers, along with 1,000 Twitter and Instagram followers, respectively.

These numbers are highly encouraging, and we are humbled and grateful for everyone who has continued to read and follow our publication, but I'm afraid there's no easy way to say this: We need your support for this to work.

News organizations at the local and national level are struggling to remain solvent, laying off reporters, cutting circulation or shutting down their print editions altogether to stay afloat. That's not to say that the world of online news is a picnic. Online advertising revenues have often failed to make up for the rapid decline in traditional print advertising revenue.

We strive to cover all of the stories you care about, but often struggle to do so with limited resources.

That's where you come in.

You may have seen this button at the bottom of our news articles:

If you click on that button, you will be directed to our Patreon page, where you can make a donation to the Cortland Voice.

If you decide to donate anywhere between $1 - $4, we will add your name to our Thank You page. All donor names will be added to this section — first name, last initial by default. If you would like your full name or business included, please email [email protected].

If you donate $5 or more, you will receive a Cortland Voice bumper sticker! We'll be unveiling the design early next week. Stay tuned!

A side note: Since moving into our new space at the Center for the Arts (a fellow not-for-profit!), we've begun embarking on a number of initiatives aimed at improving our news coverage of the Cortland area and providing formal recognition to our sponsors and donors.

Here's a sneak peak of what you can expect from The Cortland Voice in the coming weeks and months:

  • In-depth story series - In 2017, The Cortland Voice will place a stronger focus on in-depth, long-form news stories that impact our community. In the coming months, we will begin to cover a range of topics that impact our community, such as the planned construction of a new county jail, the controversy surrounding the future of the county's landfill and the ongoing transformation of Cortland's downtown core.
  • Sponsor Profile page - Businesses and organizations that choose to sponsor The Cortland Voice will be featured in a special "Sponsor Profile" page on our website.
  • Community events - In keeping with our nonprofit mission of staying connected to our community, we plan to host or sponsor a number of community events in 2017, including art exhibitions, concerts and benefits. Our two-year anniversary party will be held in June, with more events planned throughout the year!
  • Easier access - We've made it easier than ever to give us your scoop or pitch. Simply email your story or inquiry to [email protected] and someone on our news team will get in touch with you.

Here are other ways to get in touch with us:

Sponsorship/Advertising - [email protected]
Letters to the editor - [email protected]
General news, press releases and announcements - [email protected]
Submit your photos for publication - [email protected]

Thank you for your continued support in keeping the dream alive — a free, hyperlocal, online news source for the Cortland area community.

— Peter Blanchard
Editor, Cortland Voice

Max Hoeschele
Sales Manager, Cortland Voice