Cortland accounting firm embraces new space

CORTLAND, N.Y. — A local tax-preparation firm is working at a new location on Main Street in downtown Cortland.

Equus Advisors and Cortland Bookkeeping and Tax Service, which has been operating on Main Street since 2013, has moved to a new location on the fourth floor of the McNeil Building at 17 Main Street.

"We enjoy being part of downtown," said Peter VanderWoude, of Equus Advisors, which employs two bookkeeper accountants, a client service manager, a payroll specialist, and two part-time employees during tax season. "Everything is very close and convenient."

The McNeil building is currently undergoing a number of renovations, including a new facade on the front of the building and major renovations on the first floor.

"Downtown is a great community and a great environment," said Dave McNeil, of McNeil Development Co. "We've been a very vital downtown for a very long time. With continued development here, we can really take the next step."

VanderWoude said he's already heard concerns from his clients about the GOP tax bill that was passed last month.

"This year is going to be an interesting tax season," VanderWoude said. "We're getting a lot of questions for what 2018 will look like. Some people will make out, some people are going to get hurt. Uncertainty always breeds concern."

You can read VanderWoude's tax blog through his website, which he updates monthly with insights into tax reform and helpful tips for consumers.