Homer police warn public of phone scam

HOMER, N.Y. — The Homer Police Department is advising the public of a recent phone scam circulating in the area.

The scam involves a person calling from an "888" number claiming they are a representative from National Grid. The phone number they are calling from shows up on a caller I.D. as National Grid.

The person calling will claim they are from National Grid and that you have an outstanding bill for service or your power will be turned off. The person will also inform you that you can pay the outstanding bill by purchasing Green Dot Gift Cards and provide them information from the gift cards.

"This is a phone scam where the person is attempting to obtain money by fraudulent means," the Homer Police Department said. "If you receive a similar phone call from someone, please simply hang up. Do not provide any information to them over the phone or purchase any gift cards as requested."



National Grid does not ask business owners or residential customers to pay by purchasing gift cards, the police department said. Direct payment is never demanded over the phone.