Cortlandville Town Board: Here's what you missed

Here are highlights from the Cortlandville Town Board meeting held on Wednesday, Feb. 21, 2018:

  • During privilege of the floor, Pam Jenkins said the re-zoning proposal for Tompkins Street and environs violates town planning documents, jeopardizes water supply, and there is no need for more gas stations. In her opinion, the proposal is "spot zoning" done for the benefit of Byrne Dairy.
  • There were 1,300 cases in Cortlandville Town court in one month—an unusually high numer.
  • The moratorium on solar projects expires on March 1.  The new proposed law is almost ready for review and adoption, but the board extended the moratorium to April 4 to allow more time.
  • Nissan Royal is receiving a $100,000 CDBG grant.
  • They voted to bond for $750,000 for a new highway garage. The old building is 73 years old. The "shell" alone will cost $350,000. Highway staff will be able to do some of the interior work to save on costs.
  • The County Planning Board recommendations on the zoning change proposal were received and reviewed. They concluded that the area was outside the well-head protection zone, and that the zoning amendment appears to be consistent with town plan, but will need State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR). As the Planning Board did not have a full quorum and did not have the required 6 votes, they took no action and left it to the determination of the Cortlandville Town Board. The board passed 2 resolutions: to proceed with the process and to be lead agency. This action will trigger the SEQR process.
  • At the March 7 town Board meeting, they will provide an opportunity for an expanded privilege of the floor to receive comments regarding the environmental impact from concerned citizens. An "official" public hearing will be slated for March 25.