Court docs: Man accused of Cortland High School threat gave profane statement to police

Jensen Schack (Cortland County Sheriff's Office)

Disclaimer: The following article contains racial profanities and explicit language.

CORTLAND, N.Y. — Before Saturday, March 3, Cortland High School graduate Jenson Schack never had a criminal record.View Post

Now an inmate at the Cortland County Jail, Schack has found himself facing a serious felony terrorism charge for allegedly threatening to bring a gun to Cortland High School.

School was cancelled at the high school on Friday, March 2, due to inclement weather, but that didn't stop Schack from posting photos and videos of a man shooting a long gun with captions that read "Cortland School Watch Out" and, "wanna come take my guns? you better brings yours."

Seemingly regretting that post, Schack sent out a second Snapchat post with a caption that read, "that snap was a joke please don't send the cops to my house."

After police received an anonymous tip, Schack was arrested the following day at his father's home in Plymouth, a small Chenango County town located about 35 miles east of Cortland, and charged with making a terroristic threat, a class D felony.

While sitting in the back of a patrol car, Schack went on a long, racially charged tirade against the police and the anonymous Snapchat user who reported his photos and videos:

I thought everyone on my snapchat would understand my f***ing sense of humor but I guess f***ing not. Some n****r f**k thought it'd be funny to take a screenshot and send it to the cops. This is f***ing stupid. This is America, I have a right to own guns. Look at me, I'm handsome as f**k, I have a girlfriend, I'm not gonna shoot up a f**king school. School shooters don't look like me, their nasty and listen to that stupid heavy metal s**t. I could be sitting here doing other dumb s**t and you guys are wasting your time, theres a million meth labs that you could be busting.

This is such a waste of time, you can't even get into Cortland, it's not like they are going to let someone in with a gas mask and an AR. This is such a f***ing joke, I even said "this is a joke please don't send this to the cops." I know it was a stupid f***ing n****r f****t. I know exactly who it is too. Those n*****s carry guns, why don't you investigate them. This is such a f***ing waste of time, I have s**t I could be doing today.

Should've sent Officer Reyngoudt, he would've know it was a joke, I've known him since I went to Cortland, we could've had a great conversation.

When asked if Schack was capable of committing such an act, the anonymous tip provider said it would be possible because "he has a gun and I know that he has a background of mental illness."

Schack last appeared in court on Monday, March 5, where he was ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation to determine if he would be fit to stand trial.

Schack remains in Cortland County Jail on $100,000 bail.