Gas pump catches fire at Cortland gas station

CORTLAND, N.Y. — A gasoline pump at a local gas station caught fire Sunday morning in the city of Cortland.

At around 11:40 a.m. Sunday, the Cortland Fire Department was dispatched to a report of a gasoline pump on fire at the Sunoco service station at 44 Port Watson Street.

Firefighters responded and extinguished a burning gas pump that had been knocked over by a vehicle.

The gas station’s dry chemical awning suppression system helped confine the fire to the gas pump, and firefighters were able to quickly extinguish it using a dry chemical extinguisher and a 2-inch hose line, according to Cortland Fire Captain David Jensen.

The runoff from extinguishment was contained by speedy dry. There were no injuries, Capt. Jensen said.

The City of Cortland Police Department is investigating the incident.