Cortland firefighters extinguish dryer fire

Photo provided by City of Cortland Fire Department

CORTLAND, N.Y. — A malfunctioning dryer was the cause of a fire at a two-family home in the city of Cortland Tuesday morning.

Cortland firefighters were called to 12 1/2 E. Main St. at around 8:33 a.m. Wednesday. When they arrived, one of the tenants told them that she heard a smoke detector going off for almost an hour in the neighboring apartment.

Firefighters entered the apartment and were quickly hit with smoke. The occupant of the other apartment was not home at the time.

“It could’ve been a lot worse if the other tenant hadn’t called,” Cortland Deputy Fire Chief Wayne Friedman said.

Firefighters were able to quickly trace the fire to a dryer in the building, according to Friedman. The fire was extinguished within minutes.

There were no injuries and everyone was evacuated safely from the building.