Cortland unveils 9/11 memorial in Courthouse Park

CORTLAND, N.Y. — Hundreds gathered at Courthouse Park Tuesday morning for the official unveiling of a memorial dedicated to the first responders who died during the terrorist attacks on Sep. 11, 2001, in New York City.

The ceremony was led by New York State Senator James Seward, Cortland Mayor Brian Tobin, New York Police Department Deputy Chief Theresa Tobin, and Chaplain Dennis Hayes.

Tino Ferro, an artist from Little York, helped create the monument along with Mike McKinney, a local mason.

Here are some memorable quotes from the ceremony:

Our thoughts, our prayers are with them again today. Oh God of healing, 17 years have passed, yesterday, today and forever. Let your love and your peace endure. - Chaplain Dennis Hayes

We say never forget for many reasons. I have three: Never forget the thousands of lives lost. Never forget the first responders who ran into danger...Never forget the people who lost a family. - Cortland Mayor Brian Tobin

Families lost loved ones. Children were forced to grow up without a mother or father. Lives were cut short, and the losses continue. Those exposed to toxins and other dangers that day—and the days of recovery following the attacks—continue to experience health problems, and sometimes, a loss of life. - New York State Sen. James Seward

"To smell death, and to taste it in your mouth. To pick up body parts scattered among the debris and ashes are things that no one—including police officers, firefighters, and EMS workers—should ever have to experience. But there was no choice, and members from all emergency services and many different jurisdictions rose to the occasion. For all of the horror and tragedy of 9/11, for which we are so well-versed in, there are remarkable stories of kindness and compassion." - NYPD Deputy Chief Theresa Tobin