Rat population dwindling at Cortland's Dexter Park

Dexter Park, Cortland, N.Y. (Google Maps)

CORTLAND, N.Y. — Troy Beckwith, 7th ward alderman for the city of Cortland, was pleased to announce that there have not been any rat sightings at Dexter Park in four weeks.

“Sweeney’s is still monitoring the park, and we are keeping the bait boxes up a little while longer, just in case,” Beckwith said in a recent interview.

Contento’s, of Cortland, was hired by the city to remove the mulch in Dexter Park where the rodents were breeding and causing the majority of problems. $15,000 is the total cost to the city of removal by Contento’s and reinstallation of mulch.

“The playground is still closed; we don’t have a time frame just yet, on when the new mulch will be put in. The playground will be sanitized before the mulch is put back in. However, the rest of park is being utilized again: basketball courts, etc.,” said Beckwith.

Beckwith informed the Cortland Voice that the house where the rodent problem seemed to originate from has not had any more sightings either.

“I appreciate the residents’ patience. I think it was handled properly by all local authorities, and I think we got the situation well under control,” said Beckwith.

For future avoidance of rodent problems within the City of Cortland, the city encourages residents to put their trash away and do not feed stray animals. Gas grills are breeding grounds for rats, so the city also encourages you, if you are a resident with a gas grill, to keep those clean and covered at all times.