Cortland students get disaster response training

Students at Cortland Junior High School hear a presentation from School Resource Officer Robert Reyngoudt on the “Standard Response Protocol.” (Photo: Provided)

Editor’s Note: This is a press release from the Cortland Enlarged City School District.

CORTLAND, N.Y. — On Tuesday, October 2nd, seventh and eighth grade students at Cortland Junior High School, participated in a presentation by School Resource Officer Robert Reyngoudt on the “Standard Response Protocol.”

The Standard Response Protocol is a series of steps and responses of what schools can do when a crisis happens. In collaboration with the “I Love You Guys” Foundation, the Standard Response Protocol was designed to help school officials and students plan a detailed response to a crisis. Rapidly training students and teachers the common language of the Standard Response Protocol allows for a general understanding of what to do in four different situations: lockout, lockdown, evacuate and shelter.

Officer Robert Reyngoudt takes his position as a School Resource Officer as an opportunity not only to build relationships between police and students, but to also train students and staff how to react to any dangerous situation that may occur. Reyngoudt said, ‘I am doing my part to keep my kids safe, and you are my kids. A detailed response plan is one of the key ways that we can save lives and make sure everyone stays safe. In my work for the District, I also serve on the District Safety Committee.”

Student Ava Chevalier was in the audience on Tuesday. Ava said, “I think it’s important to know what to do in a lockdown because a solid plan keeps us safe. That is why every time we have a drill, I take it very seriously. Today Officer Reyngoudt showed us what to do in a lockout, lockdown, evacuate and shelter drill.”

Staff were also trained in the Standard Response Protocol in September. Drills are conducted each year according to NYS guidelines: 8 fire drills, 4 lockdown drills, and 1 evacuation drill.

To read more about the “I Love You Guys” Foundation and the Standard Response Protocol visit their website.