McGraw principal rushes to aid ailing student

McGraw High School Principal Mark Dimorier, right, stands with Zoey, a seventh grade student at Mcgraw High School (Photo provided)

CORTLAND, N.Y. — The principal at McGraw High School is being recognized for going above and beyond what is expected of a high school principal.

Last week, a seventh grade student named Zoey accidentally swallowed a lifesaver, which became lodged in her throat. While a school nurse attended to Zoey, Principal Mark Dimorier attempted to reach the student’s parents by phone, but was unsuccessful.

Undeterred, Dimorier jumped in his car and drove to the parent’s house to brief them on the situation. By the time he arrived, the student was able to swallow the lifesaver after drinking warm water, but his actions did not go unnoticed.

“Anybody can be a principal, but it takes an amazing person to care about each and every student like they are his own,” said Tami Nickerson, the mother of the choking student, who was at home when Dimorier arrived.

It’s not the first instance in which Dimorier has shown initiative. Nickerson said Dimorier drove to her house last year after learning that her son needed to complete an important assignment in order to graduate.

“I wouldn’t want my kids in any other school,” Nickerson said. “I am so appreciative of the care he has shown.”

McGraw Superintendent Melinda McCool said Dimorier’s actions are indicative of the rest of her staff.

“They go above and beyond at all times to make sure everyone is safe,” McCool said. “Students are always number one. It’s just a wonderful place for kids to come to school.”