Travel advisory, wind chill warning extended for Cortland County

The Cortland County Sheriff’s Office extended a county travel advisory this afternoon until 9 a.m. Monday, while the National Weather Service warned windchill temperatures could dip to -25 degrees overnight.

A northwest wind with a force of 17 mph is expected tonight, along with gusts of up to 28 mph, according to the National Weather Service.

The service issued a wind chill warning for Cortland for the “dangerously cold wind chills expected” from 6 tonight until 7 p.m. Monday.

The cold wind chills could cause frostbite on exposed skin in as little as 30 minutes,” according to the service, which also warned residents that hypothermia and death are possible if necessary precautions are not taken against the chill when outside.
While the Cortland County travel advisory does not restrict driving, it does recommend that drivers make no unnecessary trips and use caution, according to a press release by Cortland County Sheriff Mark E. Helms this afternoon.

The Sheriff’s Office warns “...that hazardous weather, strong wind and extremely cold temperatures will make travel difficult.”

Tonight’s weather forecast includes a 60 percent chance of up to an inch of snowfall and areas of blowing snow, according to the weather service. On Monday, a blustery northwest wind  is expected to blow at 17 to 21 mph with gusts of up to 33 mph. Wind chills are poised to remain as low as -25 degrees, with a high temperature of 6 degrees expected. There is a 70 percent chance that up to another inch of snow will fall, likely before 3 p.m., and the wind will likely cause areas of blowing snow.

Monday night the wind is expected to diminish to between 10 and 15 mph and the wind chill is set to warm to -14 degrees, according to the weather service. There is a 30 percent chance of up to an inch of snow will fall, mostly before 8 p.m., and the low overnight temperature is expected at -4 degrees.

Tuesday is expected to bring a calm wind, sun and a high temperature around 20 degrees.