Empire State Senior Games conclude at SUNY Cortland (photos)

Empire State Senior Game participants at the start of the 1,500 meter race. (Camilo Fredes/Cortland Voice)

Saturday marked the last day of events of this year's Empire State Senior Games at SUNY Cortland, with events including swimming, track & field, archery, ping-pong and archery.

People from all over the United States from the age of 50 and above come to compete at these events all week long, with some participating in multiple events throughout the week.

This was a non-qualifying year, though more than 1,100 people still signed up to participate. Qualifying years are held every other year.

Many of last year's participants were participating at this year's national games in New Mexico. Next year, participants will be competing once aging to qualify for the 2021 national games in Florida.

Check out our photos from this year's Empire State Senior Games: