Cayuga Clinic at Kinney Drugs Open House

Cayuga Clinic at Kinney Drugs Open House. (Tim Bennett/Cortland Voice).

Yesterday evening, members of the chamber of commerce and the Cortland community came together to celebrate the open house of the brand new Cayuga walk-in clinic located at the Kinney Drugs pharmacy on 3666 NY-281. 

The clinic was first announced and opened to the public by the end of July.

The walk-in clinic is open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday. However, the clinic is usually closed from 1:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. on every one of those days.

The Cayuga walk-in Clinic is staffed by both physician assistants and nurse practitioners from Cayuga Health. These nurses and physicians are trained to treat common conditions such as a cold, flu, fever, coughs, congestion, skin irritations, UTI’s and much more.

“There are no appointments and the wait time is minimal,” said Ciera Carhart, Cayuga Medical Center Public Relations Specialist. “Here, you can come to a place where they can write you a prescription and also get you Advil and chicken noodle soup at the same time. It’s really something to take advantage of.”

The Cayuga clinic accepts most insurances and has a flat rate of $89 .

The biggest difference about this particular program from other clinics, according to Cayuga Clinic Chief medical officer, Dr. Kenneth Subin is that “the clinic is staffed by our own providers and the medical database is shared by our own primary care and specialty clinics. So there is a seamless transition of care from this clinic to our primary and specialty clinics for any follow ups that are necessary.”

“We want to be a community partner,” added Carhart. “We see what a great community it is already. We want to see how this Kinney drugs does and then partner up with more of them such as the one across town.”

(Click here to check out our live video of yesterday’s open house introduction).

For more information, call (607) 339-0628 or visit