Cortland Weather Outlook: Wednesday, September 11

For today's weather forecast, forecasters are anticipating a partly cloudy day with there being a slight 20 percent chance of showers later in the afternoon.

However, there will also be a 40 percent chance of precipitation with scattered showers early in the morning.

There will be winds of up to 11 miles per hour throughout the day.

Temperatures will increase to a high of around 81 degrees during the day and drop to a near 59 degrees at night

Here is a look at the rest of this week's weather forecast, according to the National Weather Service in Binghamton:

Thursday: Partly sunny with temperatures reaching a high near 66 degrees during the day. Temperatures will then drop to around 45 degrees at night.

Friday: Partly sunny with temperatures increasing to a high near 72 degrees during the day. It will then begin to get mostly cloudy late in the afternoon with there being a 50 percent chance of showers in the evening. Temperatures will finally drop at night to around 58 degrees.

Saturday: Mostly cloudy with there being a 50 percent chance of showers throughout the day. Temperatures will reach a high near 75 degrees during the day and will be dropping to around 53 degrees at night.

Sunday: Mostly sunny with temperatures increasing to a high of around 74 degrees in the afternoon. It will then become partly cloudy in the evening and temperatures will decrease to a near 54 degrees at night.