New York State Officially Bans Flavored E-Cigarettes

Cortland Vape Kult (Tim Bennett/Cortland Voice).

Governor Andrew Cuomo recently announced the ban of sales of flavored e-cigarettes and nicotine e-liquids, after declaring an emergency executive action on Sunday.

The ban, which is now in effect is an action to fight against the increase of young people using vaping products. As e-cigarette companies have been producing flavors that are intended to get kids addicted to nicotine, according to Governor Cuomo.

These youth appealing flavors include cotton candy, bubblegum, Captain Crunch and many more.

“New York State has taken a significant step in addressing youth nicotine addiction,” said Tobacco Free Cortland Program Coordinator Jennifer Hamilton. “However, we still have work to do. We are very familiar with an industry that has targeted kids for generations. So this is not the magic pill that will end this epidemic.”

(Photo provided by Tobacco Free Zone, Cortland County Health Department).

According to the data from the Department of Health, flavors have been a main cause for the dramatic increase in the use of e-cigarettes by the youth population. With nearly 40 percent of high school seniors and 27 percent of high school students in New York State using e-cigarettes.

This new executive action has caused much controversy. As there have been many cases of deaths and hospitalizations associated with e-cigarettes.

However, health officials have provided evidence suggesting that the certain vape cartridges causing these deaths come from black market pens linked with vitamin E acetate and THC.

“Not one time did he (Governor Cuomo) mention E-liquid on his address on Sunday,” said Cortland Vape Kult owner Richard DeChick, who also owns shops in Auburn, Clyde and Fulton. “He just mentioned vaping. THC liquid is what killed these kids. The people who have gotten sick from vaping is from THC liquid, which is an illegal product. Banning flavored e-liquid is just going to create a black market that adds to the drug problem. It’s just irrational.”

With the fall of flavored e-cigarette products, not only will there be an expected decrease in youth use, but vaping companies will also take a huge toll.

“It will destroy them,” added DeChick. “It will shut down over 700 shops in New York State and put over 2,800 people out of work. Who does that as a leader? Nobody sells to minors. So if kids are getting it, then they are getting it on their own. If you want to do something, educate them and don’t use fear.”

The New York State Department of Health will give retailers until October 4th, before conducting visits to enforce this flavor ban.

Retailers who violate this ban will face fines of up to $2,000 per violation, which is defined as each unit of flavored e-liquid or product containing e-liquid that is possessed, manufactured, sold or offered for sale, according to Governor Cuomo’s recent press release.