Second Annual Chefs Take a Stand: Men Against Domestic Violence

Photo from the 1st annual Chefs Take a Stand: Men Against Domestic Violence. (Photo provided by YWCA Aid to Victims of Violence Facebook).

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness month and people across the country are taking action to stand against it. In our own community, local businesses and organizations plan on addressing the issue through various events and gatherings across the city. One such event is the 2nd annual Chefs Take a Stand: Men Against Domestic Violence.

This event, being hosted by the Aid to Victims of Violence organization at the YWCA of Cortland, is getting creative with opposing domestic violence. As male public figures of the community like Firefighters, Mayors of Cortland and Homer, and more prepare sample dishes for guests to try during the event.

After everyone votes on their favorite dish, the winner will be rewarded with a purple apron. With purple not only being a great color, but it is also the color for Domestic Violence awareness. Over 30-40 shops will be participating along with a photo booth, 50/50 raffles, and more.

The event will take place on October 4th from 6pm-8pm in the Multipurpose room of the YWCA. Tickets are $30 and can be purchased at the Cortland YWCA front desk. Don’t wait to get your tickets as only 125 will be sold and when they sell out, they sell out! Last year’s event was sold out!

While the upcoming event sounds fun, it also serves an important purpose. Domestic Abuse is an issue that affects thousands across the country as 960,000 and 3,000,000 incidents are reported each year with some not being reported. Some of those people may live in our own community, which is where the Aid to Victims of Violence organization comes in to help.

The AVV provides comprehensive services to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse and other crimes in Cortland and the surrounding towns. Their purpose is to help victims of abuse live their own lives free from their abusers as they explore options through this intervention. Last year, the organization aided 599 clients (372 from domestic violence, 17 from child sexual assault or child abuse, 17 adult sexual assault. 12 elder abuse/neglect, 12 stalking/harassment, 10 from physical assault, 9 from adults sexually abused as children, 4 survivors of homicide, and 146 “other” crimes or needs) and provided 35 adults and 20 children with safe dwelling housing and 23 adults and 5 children in the hotel. The services provided to the victims included emotional support/safety, criminal/civil justice, and more.

To learn more about this organization, visit their website at: