Cortland Weather Outlook: Saturday, September 21

For today's weather forecast, forecasters are predicting a sunny day with temperatures increasing and reaching a high of around 80 degrees in the afternoon.

There will also be light and calm south winds of up to six miles per hour throughout the day.

Temperatures will then slowly begin to decrease in the evening until reaching a low of about 58 degrees.

Here is a look at the rest of this weekend's weather forecast along with the beginning of next week, according to the National Weather Service in Binghamton:

Sunday: Mostly sunny during the day with temperatures reaching a high near 81 degrees. It will then start to become cloudy late in the afternoon with there being a 30 percent chance of showers in the evening. Temperatures will then drop to around 58 degrees at night.

Monday: Mostly cloudy with there being a 60 percent chance of precipitation throughout the day.  Chances of precipitation will then decrease late in the evening to about 40 percent. Temperatures will reach a high of around 74 degrees during the day and drop to a near 53 degrees at night.

Tuesday: Mostly sunny throughout the day with there however still being a slight 30 percent chance of showers. Temperatures will increase to around 68 degrees during the day and decrease to a near 48 degrees at night.

Wednesday: Partly sunny throughout the day along with temperatures hitting a high of around 70 degrees. It will then slowly begin to become cloudy in the evening. Finally, temperatures will drop to a near 51 degrees at late at night.