Famous actor & director William Fichtner presents public screening of his new film at SUNY Cortland

Actor and Director William Fichtner presenting his new movie “Cold Brook” at SUNY Cortland. (Kaitlyn Hession/Cortland Voice)

Many of those from Cortland and the surrounding communities near and far gathered for one night only on October 2nd at SUNY Cortland’s Brown Auditorium in the Old Main building as Actor and Director William Fichtner screened a special showing of his new movie Cold Brook.

Fichtner is a well accomplished actor who has been in many movies and tv shows including The Lone Ranger, The Dark Knight, Armageddon, CBS’s Mom, and so much more.

For this film, William was not only in front of the camera playing one of the lead roles, but he was also behind the camera for the first time directing his film. Despite having to constantly switch places throughout the film, he said it was well worth it. It was also worth it when William and crew got to travel throughout upstate New York to film various scenes of the movie, with two of these scenes being on our very own SUNY Cortland campus.

The scenes of the street from the Miller building to Brockway and a shot of the sports field were all brief, but those who know the college were happy to see it make its appearance in a major motion picture.

“I remember getting a tour of the Cortland campus with Erik [Bitterbaum] (SUNY Cortland President) and when I noticed the roadway leading up the hill from Miller, I knew I wanted to have that in the film.” said Fichtner.

Actor/Director William Fichtner talking at SUNY Cortland. (Kaitlyn Hession/Cortland Voice)

Upstate New York isn’t just a place where his film was shot, it’s also a place he calls home as he grew up near Buffalo and attended Maryvale High School, SUNY Farmingdale, and SUNY Brockport where he graduated in the class of 1978.

At first, he attended both SUNY schools as a Criminal Justice major until he had to take an extra class his junior year to fulfil his graduation requirements. That class was an improv class, taught by professor Sally Rubin and it flipped the script on William’s career path.

“She [Rubin] told me to stay after class one day. After everyone was gone, she locked the door, sat me down, and said ‘You need to do this as a career’. At first, I wasn’t sure whether to believe her or not, but I was so glad I listened to her.” mentioned Fichtner. That moment started his remarkable acting career as he went on to attend the American Academy of the Dramatic Arts in New York City.

Coldbrook is William Fichtner’s directorial debut and will pull audiences in with its memorable characters, dramatically intense plot line, and occasional witty humor. While those who watch the movie think they will know everything about what’s going to happen next, it will turn around and lead everyone on to the satisfying ending. The movie will be released in theaters early November.

Here is a photo gallery of the event (All photos were taken by Kaitlyn Hession):