City Police: Tampered Halloween candy laced with needles


CORTLAND — City police confirmed this evening sewing needles were found in a child’s Halloween candy, including inside a piece of Twizzlers snack-sized, red licorice.

After discovering sewing needles in her child’s Halloween candy, a city mother called police to her home this evening and showed them two, snack-sized pieces of Twizzlers, according to city police. Officers examined the candy and confirmed there were needles inside the wrappers of both candy pieces, said Lt. Michael Strangeway. In one piece, the needle was embedded inside the licorice twist, Strangeway said. In the other, the needle was clearly seen on the outside of the Twizzler twist, he said.

Both pieces of candy were collected at the 51 Port Watson apartment building, according to the mother who stated her children gathered all their candy at the complex this year. The apartment building, run by Cortland Housing Authority, has more than 100 apartments, Strangeway stated in the news release.The mother was not able to identify which apartment within the building the candy came from, he wrote.

Police are investigating the incident, Strangeway said, and are still determining where the needles came from. Where the candy was inserted with needles is unclear, but police believe it was an isolated incident, according to the release.

Strangeway, a police detective with more than 20 years experience at the Cortland department, stated in an interview tonight he has never seen tampered Halloween candy.

We ask that parents always check candy carefully and report anything they deem suspicious to authorities,” he wrote in the release.

Police also ask anyone with information about this incident to call the Cortland Police Department at (607) 758-8311.