Cortland Weather Outlook: Saturday, December 21

Your Finger Lakes Weather forecast for Cortland and the surrounding areas for Saturday, December 21, 2019:

High pressure passed overhead during the night and is now settling into New England.

With the clockwise flow of air around the high pressure center, winds today will start from the southeast and finish from the south. Winds speeds will be between 5-10 mph with gusts as high as 20 mph.

The shift in wind direction will open our region up to an influx of milder air. While most of the warm air will not arrive until Sunday and Monday, the leading edge of the warmth will be marked by some clouds.

These clouds will hang around for the morning hours but should give way to sunshine for the afternoon.

Temperatures will steadily rise today, quickly rising through the teens and into the 20s this morning. Afternoon highs should be near or just shy of 30 degrees.

Here is a look at the weather forecast for the next several days:

Sunday: Lots of sunshine with no precipitation. Temperatures start in the teens. Afternoon highs in the low 40s.

Monday: More sunshine. Temperatures start in the low 20s. Afternoon highs into the mid 40s.

Tuesday: Cloudy but dry. Temperatures start near 30 and rise to the mid 30s.

Wednesday: Mostly cloudy. Perhaps a spit of rain or snow in the evening. Temperatures start in the teens and rise to the upper 30s.