About Us: Meet Timothy A. Bennett, Owner and Publisher of The Cortland Voice

Born and raised in Rome, NY, Timothy A. Bennett. developed a love for basketball, music, and community. Timothy graduated from Rome Free Academy, where he served as his school’s first Senior Class President after they moved from their Turin Street location to their brand new campus on Griffiss Air Force Base. 

Timothy came to the city of Cortland as a college student at SUNY Cortland in 2003. After graduating from Cortland with a Business Economics degree, Bennett moved to the New York City/Long Island area to explore what career opportunities there were; while also keeping the close connection to those he met in college. Two years later, he decided to move back to Cortland.

Today, Timothy is an active entrepreneur whose main goal is to promote the local communities in which he does business. He also feels that everyone deserves to have access to the news at no cost, and for it to be accessible by all in a timely fashion. For that same reason, he invested in the Cortland Voice in 2017; before buying 100% of the company in 2019.

Timothy also owns 3 of Cortland County’s staple events - First Light, Chill-A-Bration, & Taste of Downtown. 

Timothy would love to hear from you, as he continues to work with many in the community to promote Cortland County.

 Timothy can be reached via email at [email protected].