CPD: Shooter's photo released due to safety concerns

Shawn Fagan, 52, of 33 Kellogg Road, Cortland

City police released a photo this morning of the man charged with shooting a nursing home employee with a high-powered pellet gun Saturday from across Kellogg Road.

The department cited concern for public safety when releasing the photo of Shawn Fagan, 52, of 33 Kellogg Road in an email, a rare step for the department. Fagan was released on $5,000 bond after he was arraigned Monday on the enhanced charge of first-degree assault; he lives across the street from Crown Park Rehabilitation and Nursing Center.

As part of our investigation into the pellet gun assault that took place at Crown Park Rehabilitation, we are releasing the attached photograph of Shawn Fagan,” said Lt. Michael Strangeway. “We are doing so based upon the public safety concern he presents.”

Fagan did not make a statement to police regarding the shooting, but told police on the scene he believes the nursing home is full of criminals, according to the department. In previous encounters with police he told officers the nursing home is a front for a criminal enterprise and is housing illegal aliens, Strangeway stated previously.

When city officers executed a search warrant of the home he shares with his mother, they discovered a high-powered pellet gun wrapped in aluminum foil in Fagan’s room, as well as a loaded shotgun, according to police.

There have not been any further incidents with Fagan since he was released, Strangeway said this morning. City police have increased their patrols in the area and Crown Park is taking precautions, he added.

A representative from Crown Park could not be immediately reached this morning.

While the 42-year-old woman shot required a surgery to remove the pellet from her jaw and lost three teeth, her injuries could have been much more severe, said Dr. Ian Dickey, an orthopedic surgeon, Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Canada and professor at the University of Maine.

The factors are distance and the air powered gun - I would say the chance for mortality is highly unlikely,” Dickey said in an email. “The danger was a loss of an eye and much worse injury.”

Dickey also noted Fagan’s behavior is consistent with paranoid schizophrenia.

Fagan is scheduled to appear on Jan. 22 in City Court.