Cortland and Homer varsity wrestling teams win in separate meets

(Photo from Homer Athletics Twitter).

Both Cortland's and Homer’s varsity wrestling teams competed and won in their separate meets last night. 

The following are the team and individual results from both meets:

Homer Trojans

The Homer varsity wrestling team defeated Chittenango with a final score of 72-15 on the road.

Here are the individual results of last night's meet:

99: Collin Stevens (Homer) over (Chittenango)- Forfeit

106: Jeffrey Stauber (Homer) over (Chittenango)- Forfeit

113: Lukas Quinn (Homer) over (Chittenango)- Forfeit

120: Jacob Rice (Homer) over (Chittenango)- Forfeit

126: Carter Monroe (Homer) over Quentin Mohamed (Chittenango)- Fall

132: Ryan Opanhoske (Homer) over Mark Young (Chittenango)- Fall

138: Gabe Gilfilian (Homer) over Nathan Mariani (Chittenango)- Fall

145: Andrew Bailey (Chittenango) over David Morse (Homer)- Fall

152: Joseph Mariani (Chittenango) over Jakob Denkenberger (Homer)- Sudden Victory-1 7-5

160: Zander Johnson (Homer) over Macsen Cameron (Chittenango)- Fall

170: Blair Wakula (Homer) over (Chittenango)- Forfeit

182: Allan Markley (Homer) over Jacob Ezzo (Chittenango)- Fall

195: Sam Sorenson (Homer) over (Chittenango)- Forfeit

220: Tayvn Malchak (Homer) over Luke Martin (Chittenango)- Fall

285: Ethan Ferguson (Chittenango) over (Homer)- Forfeit

Cortland Purple Tigers

The Cortland varsity wrestling team took on Syracuse City on the road last night. The final score was 30-30. However, Cortland was able to get away with the win based on criteria, after winning six matches to Syracuse's five. All of Syracuse's five wins were on forfeits, due to Cortland not having wrestlers available. 

Here are the individual results of last night's meet:

113: Sidali Mohamed (Syracuse) over (Cortland)- Forfeit

126: Benjamin Williams (Syracuse) over (Cortland)- Forfeit

138: Frederick Ott (Cortland) over Malik Egerton (Syracuse)- Fall

145: Noah Wurst (Cortland) over (Syracuse)- Forfeit

152: Marcus Hines (Cortland) over (Syracuse)- Forfeit

160: Luca Canzano (Cortland) over Trey Darmody (Syracuse)- Decision 1-0

170: Jarrod Bush (Cortland) over Albert Sippio (Syracuse)- Fall

182: Brycen Palmer (Cortland) over Jabari Diggs (Syracuse)- Decision 8-1

195: Carl Witherel (Syracuse) over (Cortland)- Forfeit

220: Sean Hunt (Syracuse) over (Cortland)- Forfeit

285: Jimmy Holmes (Syracuse) over (Cortland)- Forfeit