Homer Varsity Wrestling: Liberty/Patriot League Tournament Results!

(Photo from Homer Athletics Twitter).

On Saturday, February 1st, the Homer varsity wrestling team hosted the Liberty/Patriot League Tournament, where the Trojans competed against seven other teams.

These teams included Marcellus, Hannibal, Phoenix, Cazenovia, Port Byron, Altmar-Parish-Williamstown /Pulaski, and Jordan-Elbridge. 

The Homer Trojans placed second.

The following are the team scores along with individual results for each weight class:

Port Byron


99: Collin Stevens (Homer)

  • Henry Smith (Port Byron) over Collin Stevens (Homer)- Fall
  • Eric Radionov (Marcellus) over Collin Stevens (Homer)- Decision 4-3
  • Collin Stevens (Homer) over Isaac Chesbro (Phoenix)- Fall
  • 5th Place Match - Collin Stevens (Homer) over Isaac Chesbro (Phoenix)- Fall

106: Jeffrey Stauber (Homer)

  • Jeffrey Stauber (Homer) over Shaun Zampetti (Cazenovia)- Inj. [time]
  • Jack Lamson (Hannibal -Cato-Meridian) over Jeffrey Stauber (Homer)- Decision 7-1
  • Jeffrey Stauber (Homer) over Caleb Jolly (Phoenix) (MD 14-6)
  • Carl Santariello (Marcellus) over Jeffrey Stauber (Homer)- Technical Fall 20-5
  • Jeffrey Stauber (Homer) over Gavin Ciota (Marcellus)- Fall

120: Jacob Rice (Homer)

  • Jacob Rice (Homer) over Dominic Greenwood (Hannibal -Cato-Meridian) (Fall 1:06)
  • Jacob Rice (Homer) over Jaxon Donahue (Marcellus) (Fall 0:15)
  • Jacob Rice (Homer) over Parker Allers (Phoenix) (Dec 7-6)
  • 1st Place Match - Jacob Rice (Homer) over Carlton Alder (Altmar-Parish-Williamstown (Pulaski))- Dec 13-7

126: Carter Monroe (Homer)

  • Carter Monroe (Homer) over Ronald  Jones (Port Byron)- Fall
  • Carter Monroe (Homer) over Adam  Barbosa (Marcellus)- Fall
  • Tyler Murray (Hannibal -Cato-Meridian) over Carter Monroe (Homer)- Major Decision 11-1
  • Hunter White (Hannibal -Cato-Meridian) over Carter Monroe (Homer)- Fall
  • 3rd Place Match - Carter Monroe (Homer) over Jeff Cooper (Phoenix)- Decision 7-5

132: Kaiden  Haynes (Homer)

  • Kaiden Haynes (Homer) over Jack Smith (Port Byron)- Decision 2-1
  • Kaiden Haynes (Homer) over Dan Okhman (Marcellus)- Technical Fall 15-0
  • Kaiden Haynes (Homer) over Ryan Opanhoske (Homer)- Decision 5-1
  • Kaiden Haynes (Homer) over Jordan Beach (Hannibal -Cato-Meridian)- Fall
  • 1st Place Match - Ryan Moses (Marcellus) over Kaiden Haynes (Homer)- Decision 3-1

132: Ryan Opanhoske (Homer)

  • Jack Smith (Port Byron) over Ryan Opanhoske (Homer)- Decision 4-0
  • Ryan Opanhoske (Homer) over Jordan Beach (Hannibal -Cato-Meridian)- Decision 5-4
  • Kaiden  Haynes (Homer) over Ryan Opanhoske (Homer)- Decision 5-1
  • Ryan Opanhoske (Homer) over Dan Okhman (Marcellus)- Fall
  • Ryan  Moses (Marcellus) over Ryan Opanhoske (Homer)- Major Decision 11-1

145: David Morse (Homer)

  • Tim Okhman (Marcellus) over David Morse (Homer)- Decision 7-3
  • Isaac Svitavsky (Port Byron) over David Morse (Homer)- Fall
  • Hunter Dumas (Hannibal -Cato-Meridian) over David Morse (Homer)- Fall

152: Jakob Denkenberger (Homer)

  • Jakob Denkenberger (Homer) over Dylan Tack (Phoenix)- Technical Fall 15-0
  • Jakob Denkenberger (Homer) over Owen  Murphy (Homer)- Fall
  • Jakob Denkenberger (Homer) over Ryder Donahue (Marcellus)- Fall
  • 1st Place Match - Jakob Denkenberger (Homer) over Chad Thompson (Hannibal -Cato-Meridian)- Fall

152: Owen Murphy (Homer)

  • Owen Murphy (Homer) over Ryder Donahue (Marcellus)- Fall
  • Jakob Denkenberger (Homer) over Owen Murphy (Homer)- Fall
  • Dylan Tack (Phoenix) over Owen Murphy (Homer)- Fall
  • Chad Thompson (Hannibal -Cato-Meridian) over Owen Murphy (Homer)- Fall

160: Zachary Apker (Homer)

  • Alex Rodriguez (Cazenovia) over Zachary Apker (Homer)- Fall
  • Jake Tobin (Cazenovia) over Zachary Apker (Homer)- Fall
  • Jadan Bruno (Phoenix) over Zachary Apker (Homer)- Fall
  • Zach Housel (Hannibal -Cato-Meridian) over Zachary Apker (Homer)- Fall

160: Zander Johnson (Homer)

  • Zander Johnson (Homer) over Alex  Rodriguez (Cazenovia)- Decision 6-2
  • Zander Johnson (Homer) over Jake Tobin (Cazenovia)- Fall
  • Zander Johnson (Homer) over Konner Corbett (Altmar-Parish-Williamstown (Pulaski))- Fall
  • Zander Johnson (Homer) over Aiden Stasik (Marcellus)- Decision 7-2
  • 1st Place Match- Jadan Bruno (Phoenix) over Zander Johnson (Homer)- Fall

170: Blair Wakula (Homer)

  • Kevin Valentine (Cazenovia) over Blair Wakula (Homer)- Fall
  • Ayden Slack (Phoenix) over Blair Wakula (Homer)- Fall
  • Zachary Grolling (Marcellus) over Blair Wakula (Homer)- Decision 4-2
  • Blair Wakula (Homer) over Drew Butterfield (Hannibal -Cato-Meridian)- Fall
  • Blair Wakula (Homer) over Jaiden Harrington (Altmar-Parish-Williamstown (Pulaski))- Fall

182: Allan Markley (Homer)

  • Cameron Newhook (Jordan-Elbridge) over Allan Markley (Homer)- Fall
  • Allan Markley (Homer) over Blaze  Dannon (Cazenovia)- Fall
  • Allan Markley (Homer) over Mike Kinney (Altmar-Parish-Williamstown (Pulaski))- Fall
  • Ethan Scanlon (Hannibal -Cato-Meridian) over Allan Markley (Homer)- Fall
  • 3rd Place Match - Allan Markley (Homer) over Paul Okham (Marcellus)- Fall

195: Brycen Coggins (Homer)

  • Tayvn Malchak (Homer) over Brycen Coggins (Homer)- Fall
  • Dylan Hood (Marcellus) over Brycen Coggins (Homer)- Fall
  • Brycen Coggins (Homer) over Nathaniel Farino (Marcellus)- Fall
  • Brycen Coggins (Homer) over Ethan Thibault (Hannibal -Cato-Meridian)- Fall
  • Brycen Coggins (Homer) over Jayden Trevett (Altmar-Parish-Williamstown (Pulaski))- Fall

195: Tayvn Malchak (Homer)

  • Tayvn Malchak (Homer) over Brycen Coggins (Homer)- Fall
  • Tayvn Malchak (Homer) over Ethan Thibault (Hannibal -Cato-Meridian)- Fall
  • Dylan Hood (Marcellus) over Tayvn Malchak (Homer) (Decision 5-1
  • Tayvn Malchak (Homer) over Jayden Trevett (Altmar-Parish-Williamstown (Pulaski))- Fall
  • Tayvn Malchak (Homer) over Nathaniel Farino (Marcellus)- Fall

220: Sam Sorenson (Homer)

  • Sam Sorenson (Homer) over Jared Lawrence (Jordan-Elbridge)- Tie Breaker-1 2-1
  • Sam Sorenson (Homer) over John Frega (Cazenovia)- Decision 3-0
  • Sam Sorenson (Homer) over Ian Arnold (Hannibal -Cato-Meridian)- Fall
  • Sam Sorenson (Homer) over Wilvon McKEE (Marcellus)- Decision 3-0
  • 1st Place Match - Sam Sorenson (Homer) over Jared Lawrence (Jordan-Elbridge)- Decision 1-0

285: Raiden Sturdevant (Homer)

  • Carter Polhamous (Cazenovia) over Raiden Sturdevant (Homer)- Fall
  • Kyle Brown (Marcellus) over Raiden Sturdevant (Homer)- Fall
  • Raiden Sturdevant (Homer) over Dakota Thibault (Hannibal -Cato-Meridian)- Sudden Victory-1 6-4
  • Jagger Tanner (Homer) over Raiden Sturdevant (Homer)- Fall
  • Reilly Hanson (Cazenovia) over Raiden Sturdevant (Homer)- Fall

285: Jagger Tanner (Homer)

  • Reilly Hanson (Cazenovia) over Jagger Tanner (Homer)- Fall
  • Keaton Renfrew (Phoenix) over Jagger Tanner (Homer)- Fall
  • Santana Salvador (Hannibal -Cato-Meridian) over Jagger Tanner (Homer)- Decision 5-1
  • Jagger Tanner (Homer) over Raiden Sturdevant (Homer)- Fall
  • 5th Place Match - Dakota Thibault (Hannibal -Cato-Meridian) over Jagger Tanner (Homer)- Fall