Traffic changes begin today at Otter Creek Place - Make sure you're informed (video & photos included)

Road workers putting up a solar sign at Otter Creek Place. (Photo provided by Angela Gellatly).

Today marks the first day that drivers are not allowed to turn onto Otter Creek Place from Groton Avenue. 

During the first Cortland Common Council meeting of February 2020, the Council discussed and voted 7-0 in favor of making Otter Creek Place a “Do Not Enter” turn from Groton Avenue. 

Road workers were spotted at the end of last week putting up a solar sign at the intersection between Otter Creek Pl and Groton Ave. 

According to the City of Cortland Police Department, the new rule went into effect this morning (Monday, March 9th). However, residents of Otter Creek Pl will still be allowed to travel both directions out of their driveways.

(Photo provided by Angela Gellatly).

With Otter Creek being a small and narrow road, where traffic used to flow both ways for years; cars were forced to drive down the sidewalk due to the lack of space. This endangered pedestrians walking on the side of the road. 

Some vehicles were seen by local resident turning into Otter Creek from Groton Avenue this morning. (The video was blurred to hide license plate information).


Timeline of the Otter Creek Place discussion: