Blackbird Film Festival Rescheduled Because of Coronavirus Concerns

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This is a press release from Blackbird Film Festival Director Sam Avery.

After many discussions with sponsors, filmmakers and community partners, we have decided to RESCHEDULE the 2020 Blackbird Film Festival weekend due to growing safety concerns around the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. While Cortland, New York remains isolated from the virus at this time, we must be proactive and think of the safety of our filmmakers, attendees and community. Therefore, the entire festival weekend has been moved to October 1st – 4th, 2020. While the dates may have changed, all screening times, locations and activities will stay the same.

While this is not at all how we envisioned Blackbird 2020 coming together, it may actually be for the best. Firstly, the weather in Cortland is MUCH nicer in early October compared to late April. Additionally, the leaves of central New York will be changing color at this time which is, for those of you not from central New York, one of the most beautiful things you’ll ever see! Also, the GREAT CORTLAND PUMPKINFEST will be happening the same weekend and will feature a bunch of local art, crafts, performances, and food as well as lots and lots of pumpkins!

More on the positive side:

  • International filmmakers should now be able to join us!

  • Filmmakers and attendees now have more time to book flights and make travel plans!

  • Festival staff have a lot more time to prepare and promote films and events!

  • The Finger Lakes Wine Region will be in full swing in October – so, I hope you like to drink!

  • Coronavirus should be old news by October (or else Blackbird will be migrating far away…)

We appreciate all the support we have received during this very disruptive time. The decision to reschedule was not an easy one to make but, ultimately, we strongly believe this is best course of action for the festival, the campus and the community. We promise to return in October with all the great films, events and parties originally scheduled for the Spring! Plus, maybe a few additional special guests!