COVID-19 Update: Gov. Cuomo orders all non-essential workers to stay home

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At this morning’s live press conference, Governor Andrew Cuomo ordered for ALL employees of “non-essential” businesses to stay home, as the number of COVID-19 cases shot up to over 7,100 in New York State. The new order will go into effect this Sunday, March 22. 

"When I talk about the most drastic action we can take, this is the most drastic action we can take,” said Cuomo.

According to a tweet from Cuomo this morning, this new order excludes pharmacies, grocery stores, and others.

Cuomo urges residents to stay indoors with the exemption of essential jobs, urgent errands & emergencies, and solo exercise. 

Before this morning’s press conference, Cuomo also ordered for all barber shops, hair salons, tattoo or piercing parlors, nail salons, hair removal services, and other related personal care businesses to close by 8pm on Saturday. 

“I hope that everything clears up within the 14 day span,” said owner of Roots Hair Salon Desarae Edwards. “I can’t wait to resume business as usual.” 

“I think that we are going to see small businesses getting innovative,” she added.

Desarae Edwards styling a client's hair. (Photo from Roots Hair Salon Facebook Page).