Police: City man robs ex-girlfiend's lover with pellet gun

The 181 Homer Ave. apartment building where a city man is accused of robbing another man with a pellet gun on Wednesday.

A city man robbed his ex-girlfriend’s current boyfriend on Wednesday using a realistic pellet handgun — a robbery spawned by the woman’s belief her current lover stole $40 from her, police reported.

Jordan C. Smith, 21, of 16 Pendleton St., turned himself in Wednesday afternoon to the City Police Department at 25 Court St. after fleeing the scene of the robbery that morning, said Lt. Michael Strangeway.  

Smith struck the 28-year-old man he robbed in the head with his pellet gun, knocking him to the ground, and giving him cuts, swelling and bruises to his head and face, Strangeway said. The 28-year-old was treated at Guthrie Cortland Regional Hospital and released the same day, he said.

City investigators determined Smith robbed the man after his ex-girlfriend called Smith, saying she believed her lover stole $40 from her while she was sleeping, Strangeway said. Even though Smith’s ex-girlfriend— Stacie L. Gunn, 26, of 181 Homer Avenue Apt. C, — had an order of protection against him, she asked Smith to come to her home and help her get the money back, police said.

Smith came over quickly and brandished the pellet gun, outfitted with a red laser sight, at Gunn’s lover, Strangeway said. Smith threatened to kill the 28-year-old and forced the other man to give up his wallet, he said.

After Smith had the wallet, he struck the 28-year-old in the head with the pellet gun, knocked the other man to the ground and continued to strike him repeatedly with the weapon, Strangeway said. The 28-year-old managed to get up and run from the apartment, cross the street and find a place to call 911, he said.

When police arrived, Smith had fled and officers searched for the man until Smith turned himself in, Strangeway said.

Investigators used a warrant to search Smith’s home and found the pellet gun with the red laser sight, he said.

The gun was realistic looking,” Strangeway said in a phone interview. “It bore no sign, markings or indications that it wasn’t a real gun, like an orange tip or something like that. Even upon very close examination it was not immediately apparent that it wasn’t a real firearm.”

Gunn was arrested and charged with fourth-degree conspiracy, a felony, for her part in the robbery, Strangeway said.

“I don’t know if she knew specifically the level of violence Mr.Smith planned to employ to recover the $40,” Strangeway said, adding she did intend that Smith use some kind of force to get the cash from her lover. “She called him with the intent that he come over and recover the money.”

No one discovered Gunn’s $40 after the attack, Strangeway said.

Smith was charged with first-degree robbery, second-degree assault, third-degree criminal possession of a weapon and fourth-degree conspiracy, all felonies. Even though Smith was charged with violent felonies that qualify for bail, he was arraigned in City Court and released on a ticket. It was not immediately clear why the unusual step to release him without bail was made and a call to the City Court went unanswered this afternoon. He is scheduled to reappear at 1 p.m. on May 1 in City Court.

Gunn was also released and is scheduled to reappear at 9 a.m. on May 1 in City Court.