Cortland City Police Department warn public of phone scam

(Photo from Yahoo Finance).

This is a press release from the Cortland City Police Department

City police are investigating a telephone fraud complaint that may impact others in the community.

Here's how the scam works. You receive a call from a telephone number that matches the number of your banking institution. The caller advises you that your account information has been breached and that immediate action must be taken to avoid someone accessing your account. From there, the caller asks you to provide certain account information "for security purposes". Once the information is obtained, the caller is able to access your account, make transfers, and steal your money. The fact that the calls appear to be coming from your own bank seems to be the primary reason this scam is so successful. People should be aware that there are a number of methods available to fraudsters that allow them to dictate what number appears on your phone when they call. They can even make it appear that you are receiving a call from yourself. Never provide personal identification or financial information to anyone over the phone. If such a request is received, hang up and call your bank directly.