Let's Celebrate Cortland Christian Academy Seniors (Video Included)

(Photo from Cortland Christian Academy Twitter).

Earlier this week, we met at Marathon High School with Denise and Chris about how they took the initiative to promote the good work of the students at Marathon and how they've used Facebook to increase community engagement.

The Cortland Voice immediately created 4 groups (for the remaining public schools in Cortland County), and on Friday (May 8th) we added the only private school with seniors in Cortland County - Cortland Christian Academy. We created an "Adopt a Senior" Facebook group for Cortland Christian Academy's graduating seniors, and the link is below.

Here is a video of Cortland Voice Owner and Publisher Timothy A. Bennett and Pastor Miller celebrating life and the graduating students:

Click here to join the "Adopt a Senior (Cortland Christian Academy) - Class of 2020" group.

(Photo from Cortland Christian Academy).

Click here to check out all other five Cortland County "Adopt a Senior" pages - Homer, Cortland, Cincinnatus, McGraw, & Marathon.

Reminder: These groups are completely voluntary and entirely up to the parents or senior. This is not connected to the schools, so please don’t reach out to them with questions. Any questions, please ask the moderators on our Facebook page. Any negativity or inappropriateness will be deleted and blocked.