Cortland County Mental Health Department awarded funds for critical Telehealth services during the pandemic

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This is a press release from Cortland County Clerk of the Legislature Eric Mulvihill.

The Cortland County Mental Health Department is pleased to announce that they were awarded funds through Care Compass Network’s Telehealth Pilot Program. As we are faced with a new ‘normal’ during the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, these funds will help Cortland County Mental Health continue to support our community during this time of social distancing.

As the Mental Health Department began transitioning our staff to work remotely, the department was faced with the concern of how we were going to continue providing important and critical services to those in need and how much it would cost to adopt new technology to continue meeting the needs of the community. Through the support of Care Compass Network and their Telehealth program, the county is in the process of expanding our HIPAA-compliant telehealth video conferencing services and obtaining additional equipment for our clinicians in order to continue supporting the urgent mental health needs and treatment of their clients during this crisis.

“Our team has been appreciative of the support given to help us to continue supporting the mental health needs of those we serve and our clients are extremely grateful to still have access to their provider and their support to help see them through this crisis,” says Sharon MacDougall, MSW, MS & LCSW-R, Cortland County Director of Community Services, Cortland County Mental Health Department.

“At Care Compass Network we felt that it was imperative for us to leverage our resources and experience, to assist community organizations like Cortland County Mental Health, continue to provide quality care and services to the community during this crisis,” shares Jim Racht, Telehealth Program Manager, Care Compass Network.

The Cortland County Mental Health Department is dedicated and passionate in their commitment to providing continual mental health support and treatment with little disruption to those in need during the public health crisis.