Cortland Enlarged City School District: Ballot Address Discrepancies Identified

(Photo from Cortland Enlarged City School District).

This is a press release from the Cortland Enlarged City School District.

The Cortland Enlarged City School District has determined that the list of addresses provided by the Cortland County Board of Elections contained several errors. A small number of addresses in Homer and Marathon, for example, were incorrectly labeled as being within District boundaries when they are, in fact located in a neighboring school district. These households received an absentee ballot from the District in error.

The list of voters was prepared by the Board of Elections especially for the absentee ballot mailing that is required this year. The District urges anyone aware of an error to contact the County Board of Elections.

The District is reviewing the voter rolls it received from the Board of Elections in order to ensure that no ballots from any of these addresses are counted in the budget vote and election.

The District will also alert the Board of Elections about the errors so that they can correct their records.

Eligible District voters are reminded that their ballot must be received at the District Office (1 Valley View Dr, Cortland) no later than 5 p.m. on June 9th to be counted.