Woods rearrested on new sex charges; recording depicts confession


The Cortland County Sheriff’s Office levied additional sexual assault charges today against Anthony C. Woods for attacking a second child in Cortlandville, while a recorded confession obtained by The Cortland Voice depicts Woods admitting to molesting boys.

Woods, 41, who is listed as living at a Rt. 13, Cortlandville, home, assaulted a child on several occasions over the summer of 2019 at a residence in Cortlandville, according to the department. The Cortland Police Department arrested Woods Thursday for on two of the same charges as the Sheriff’s Office after detectives determined he had raped a child under 13 more than 50 times between October 2017 and June 2019 at a Pendleton Street location.

The Sheriff’s Office received a report Woods had committed a sex crime on June 4, stated Sgt. Inv. Mark Starner in a news release. Investigators arrested Woods at 11:30 a.m. today at the Cortland County Correctional Facility where Woods was remanded after his Thursday arrest.

The Sheriff’s Office charged Woods with predatory sexual assault against a child, a felony of the second highest level in the state, as well as felony first-degree criminal sex act and endangering the welfare of a child, a misdemeanor.

The predatory sexual assault against a child charge is levied against individuals accused of committing vaginal, anal or oral rape of a child under the age of 13, according to the state penal law.

While the current Sheriff’s Office investigation involves only one child at the Cortlandville home, the investigation continues, said Lt. Todd Caufield.

“That is our current investigation,” Caufield said. “It doesn’t mean it’s closed.”

Caufield declined to comment on if the sex assault investigation was related in any way to Woods’ 2015 arrest on drug charges for possessing 67 pounds of marijuana. Woods was also arrested at that time for possessing a stolen 9mm pistol with a high capacity magazine, according to The Cortland Voice archives.

This afternoon The Cortland Voice obtained a recording of a man confessing to sexually assaulting boys and independently confirmed the man was Anthony C. Woods. In the recording, Woods denies he harmed the boys during his sexual attacks as he did not physically force them or hold them down.

“There's nothing to be said. There’s no excuse,” Woods states in the recording. “What do you want me to say? I can’t help it. I was born different, alright? My natural desires is different than anybody else’s” (sic).

Woods goes on to say, “Yo listen, I’m going to have my day in court with that.”

The excuses that sexual assaults are not harmful to children, are beyond the control of the offending adult and that the adult is entitled to fulfill his sexual desires are used regularly by assailants, explained Dr. Ron A. Rufo, a veteran Chicago Police Department officer, in his 2012 book Sexual Predators Amongst Us.

Rufo also explains physical force is unnecessary to commit rapes and sexual assaults of children.

“Physical force is not often necessary,” Rufo writes, “since the perpetrator is apt to be someone with whom the child has a trusting relationship and is most likely in a position of authority over the child.”

Sexual predators are present in all societies, are overwhelmingly male, often come from dysfunctional families, may cope with their feelings of inadequacy through domination of children and are frequently extremely adept at hiding their crimes, Rufo states.

But children may exhibit some signs that they are suffering from sexual abuse, he writes, including genital injuries, bloody bedding or underwear, advanced sexual knowledge, seductive or provocative behavior, bedwetting, poor friendships with peers, changes in school grades, fear of a particular person or place or thing, drug or alcohol use and suicidality.