Budget Vote Results for Local School Districts

(Photo from Cortland Schools).

Local Cortland County School Districts (Cortland, Marathon, McGraw, Cincinnatus, and Homer) have recently presented their 2020-2021 Budget results.


On June 16th, the residents of the Cortland Enlarged City School District approved the proposed 2020-21 School District budget of $50,170,001.


  • Approved a $50,170,001 budget for the 2020-21 school year that increases spending 1.2%, and carries a 1.09% tax levy increase: 2,042 yes, 733 no.
  • Approved the purchase of student transport vehicles, including all necessary furnishing, fixtures and equipment, and the expenditure of a total sum not to exceed $529,000: 1,980 yes, 774 no.
  • Approved a high school student to be an ex-officio student member of the Board of Education: 2,270 yes, 499 no.
  • Approved the sale of Parker Elementary School for the sum of $91.00: 2,196 yes, 588 no.
  • Approved an annual budget for the Cortland Free Library of $401,024: 1,851 yes, 926 no.

Also two members were voted into the Board of Education: Janet Griffin Lorilee Megivern. They will serve three-year terms starting July 1st.


The Marathon Central School District 2020-2021 school budget of $18,887,190 passed with 460 yes votes to 139 no votes.

The bus purchases for 4 school buses (2-66/44 passenger buses, 1-23/16 passenger bus and 1-7 Passenger suburban) not to exceed $400,000 passed with 404 yes votes to 196 no votes.

The Board of Education seats were awarded to Jason Trabucco with 487 votes, William Dougherty with 442 votes and Lucas Baker with 413 votes. The district will be welcoming back Mr. Trabucco and swearing in their new board members, Mr. Dougherty and Mr. Baker at their reorganization meeting on July 8th at 6:30pm.


Proposition I- Budget:  Passed

  • Yes- 293  No- 129

Proposition II - Transportation Passed

  • Yes- 287 No- 137

Elected to the Board of Education- Two Seats won by:

  • Darrin Osborne- 363 votes
  • Marisa Zogg- 372 votes

We were unable to confirm the school's budget amount. 


Proposition #1 - BudgetPassed

  • Yes - 288
  • No - 104

Proposition #2 - Student Transport Vehicles: Passed

  • Yes - 267
  • No - 124

Elected to the Board of EducationThree seats won by:

  • Thomas Mulhern, III 
  • Margaret Peri 
  • Tess Southern 

We were unable to confirm the school's budget amount. 


Proposition 1 - 2020-2021 Budget: Passed

The voters in the Homer Central School District have approved the proposed budget

  • Yes- 1162
  • No- 384

Proposition 2 - Leasing of School Buses: Passed

The voters in the Homer Central School District have approved this proposition

  • Yes- 1215
  • No-  334

Board Seats -  (Top 3 for 3 open seats) - Total Votes

  • Sonia Apker - 939
  • Julie McChesney - 1037
  • Luke M. Morenus - 1203

We were unable to confirm the school's budget amount.