Cortland Common Council Agenda: August 4th, 2020 (live stream information included)

Here is the agenda for tonight's Cortland Common Council meeting. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, tonight’s meeting will be live streamed Via Zoom video. The meeting will begin at 7 pm.

Here is the Zoom Meeting ID for tonight's meeting: 892 739 1872


7:00 PM

  • Call Meeting to Order
  • Salute to the Flag of the United States - Public Comments
  • Ward Reports
  • Mayor’s Report
  • Minutes – Approval of minutes

Item #1 – Consideration of a resolution to accept or reject the proposal from Contento’s Auto Sales Inc. for $60,000 with other consideration (terms set forth in the RFP) as set forth in a proposal for the purchase of the property at 119 Pendleton Street Cortland, NY. (Ric VanDonsel)

Item #2 – Consideration of a Resolution to Recognize and appropriate $8,317.69 from Cortland Police Department Line A3120-5402.00 ( Vehicle Maintenance) from NYMIR, which constitutes partial insurance coverage for repairs being performed by Royal Motor Company on Car 15, a 2017 Chevrolet Tahoe, sustained during a motor vehicle accident, with total repairs estimated at $11,394.46. (DC Sandy)

Item #3 – Discussion on the potential for overnight parking on Hubbard Street. (Mayor Tobin)

Item #4 – Consideration of a Resolution to accept, recognize and appropriate $9,112.00 in proceeds from the sale of surplus equipment from the Fire Department to A3410-42665 (Sale of Equipment) and transfer to A3410-540200 ( Cont. Motor Equipment) to offset unanticipated repairs to the City Fire Department Aerial truck apparatus. (Chief Friedman).

Item #5 – Consideration of a Resolution to lift the hiring freeze to fill the Account Clerk/Registrars position. (Raymond A. Parker)

Item #6 – Consideration of a Resolution to approve the Mayor to enter into an agreement with Fisher Associates for the Main Street Utility Improvement Project. (Ric VanDonsel)

Item #7 – Consideration of a Resolution affirming and approving the Mayor’s Executive Order regarding the enforcement of Covid 19 related cautions including the assembly of people, social distancing and the wearing of masks. (Ric VanDonsel)

Item #8 – Discussion regarding painting of sidewalks/curbs/streets.

Item #9 – Update on Cortland Forward Committee.

Item #10 – COVID19 and Response