Odd weekend arrests involve energy drink delivery and a neon bicycle

(Photo provided by the Cortland City Police Department).

In a weekend of odd arrests, one city man resisted police in a failed attempt to deliver an energy drink to his girlfriend and the theft of a tri-color, neon bicycle led to a quick collar, according to the Cortland Police Department.

The misadventures began Friday afternoon when a patrol officer spotted a wanted man at CP Cash & Carry, said Lt. Michael Strangeway.

Two warrants were out for the arrest of Joshua R. Powell, 28, of 6 ½ Bardmore Terrace Apt. #4, when an officer saw him enter the 34 Owego St. grocery store, Strangeway said. One warrant was issued on behalf of city police after Powell threw a ⅜ inch Autocraft ratchet through an apartment window on Main Street, he said. The other was on behalf of the Cortland County Sheriff’s Office for petit larceny, said that department’s Capt. Rob Derksen.

The city officer found Powell inside the business buying an energy drink and asked him to step outside, Strangeway said. Once there, the officer informed Powell he was under arrest, he said.

Before he was handcuffed, Powell told the officer he had to deliver the drink to his girlfriend and the officer offered to run the beverage over to her home, Strangeway said. Powell said he had to deliver it himself, backed away from the officer and took off running, he said.

The city officer pursued Powell, repeatedly ordered him to stop, then drew his Taser, Strangeway said. At the sight of the electroshock gun, Powell stopped and allowed himself to be handcuffed, he said.

Once in cuffs, Powell tried to pull away and fight the officer as he was led back to the police vehicle, Strangeway said.

In addition to the misdemeanor warrant charges of fourth-degree criminal mischief and petit larceny, Powell was charged with a third misdemeanor, resisting arrest.

Also on Friday, city police investigated the theft of a tri-color, neon, child’s bicycle from a Cedar Street home.

Strangeway described the bright blue bike with yellow and green wheels as “probably the most recognizable in North America.”

A patrol officer easily spotted the bicycle Saturday when it was parked in front of the P&C Fresh grocery store at 160 Clinton Ave, Strangeway said. In addition to the highly-visible color scheme, the brand new bike was also recognizable as it still had its zip ties for its sale tags, he said. A fishing vest and equipment were attached to the bicycle as well, Strangeway said.

The patrol officer waited outside the grocery store and observed Jon C. Rafferty, 29, of Cortland, as he came out of the store and claimed the bicycle, Strangeway said.

Rafferty was arrested and charged with fifth-degree criminal possession of stolen property, a misdemeanor.