Proposed Cortland County Loose Livestock Law to be Scrapped

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This is a press release from Cortland County Clerk of the Legislature Eric Mulvihill.

In light of the tremendous response to the Cortland County Loose Livestock Law Cortland County Legislative Chairman Paul Heider is announcing that the current Legislation is being withdrawn to address the underlying law enforcement concerns in a different manner.

On Thursday, August 27th at 6 PM the Cortland County Legislature will hold a public hearing to receive community feedback on the Loose Livestock legislation. While the hearing will allow for public comment, Chairman Heider wants the agricultural community to know that no action will be taken on the law now or in the future. Chairman Heider says, "the Legislature will work with the Sheriff and the SPCA to find other options to address the issues associated with repeat occurrences of livestock running at large.” Heider went on to say, “the last thing the County wants to do is impair or infringe upon Cortland County’s number one industry, which is agriculture.”

The Loose Livestock law was introduced earlier this month in response to on-going issues with a handful of landowners that prompt multiple responses by local law enforcement and animal control agents.