Cortland Common Council Meeting: Tuesday, October 6th, 2020 (Video)

Here is a video stream of last night's Cortland Common Council meeting. The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, October 20th, 2020. See below for the specific time segments for each agenda item.

Time segments for each agenda item:

Public hearings/ public comments, ward reports, mayor’s report, and proclamations. (Start at 00:1:58)

Item #1 – Presentation on the Crisis Intervention Team. (Start at 00:53:24)

Item #2 – Consideration of a Resolution to approve the Street Closure Application for Saturday, October 31 from 4PM-9PM for trick-or- treating. (Start at 1:14:03)

Item #3 – Consideration of a Resolution to accept, recognize and appropriate the following donations to the Youth Bureau. (Start at 1:28:28)




Budget Line

Seven Valley Crossfit


Youth Center Activities


Kings Daughters


Youth Center Activities


Cortland Women’s Softball


Jim Partigianoni Scholarship Fund

Trust $ Agency Fund



Item #4 – Consideration of a Resolution to acknowledge and recognize a $500.00 donation to the Cortland City Police K9 Fund to assist with Dental work on K9 Lummel from John Brown. (Start at 1:30:20)

Item #5 – Consideration of a Resolution to acknowledge and recognize $656.29 in donations to the Cortland City Deer Fund to assist with habitat improvement and health of the captive white tail herd, made through generous donations of bottles and cans from the public. (Start at 1:30:54)

Item #6 – Consideration of a Resolution to acknowledge and recognize certain vehicles at the Cortland City Police Impound lot as abandoned and of no use to the Cortland City Police, allowing they be sold for either scrap or Auctioned off to public, via Auctions international, and utilizing the funds to offset the maintenance issues with the Cortland City Police fleet. (Start at 1:31:38)

Item #7 – Consideration of a Resolution to acknowledge and recognize a $6,000.00 grant to the Cortland City Police Department from Cortland Area Communities that Care for the express purpose of hiring overtime officers to perform special details for the enforcement of incidents pertaining to alcohol and narcotic abuse, thereby moving the funds from the revenue line to the Overtime line 5104.00 in the Cortland City Police Budget. (Start at 1:32:15)

Item #8 – Consideration of a resolution to authorize the Mayor to enter into a contract with the Town of Homer for Assessor services. (Start at 1:33:01)

Item #9 – Consideration of a Resolution to amend the 2020 General Fund Budget to provide $13,607.00 in NYS CHIPS Revenue (A5010 43501) and appropriate same amount to NYS CHIPS expenditures (A5110 541500). (Start at 1:37:06)

Item #10 – Discussion regarding making the Charter and Administrative Code gender neutral, and set date for public hearing on Local law. (Start at 1:37:45)

Item #11 – Environmental Review of replacing Water lines on North Greenbush and Washington. (Start at 1:52:32)

Item #12 – Update on Cortland Forward Committee. (Start at 1:59:44)

Item #13 – COVID19 and Response (2:01:57)