Cortland Common Council Meeting: Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020 (Video & Time Segments Included)

Here is a video stream of last night’s Cortland Common Council meeting. The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, November 17th, 2020. See below for the specific time segments for each agenda item.

Time segments for each agenda item:

Public hearings/ public comments, ward reports, mayor’s report, and proclamations. (Start at 0:00:22).

Item #1 – Consideration of a Resolution to approve a subordination request for a property assisted under the City’s Housing Rehabilitation Program to facilitate a mortgage refinance pursuant to a recommendation from the City’s Loan Review Committee. (Start at 29:02).

Item #2 – Consideration of a Resolution to authorize the Fire Department to purchase 1,000 Combination Smoke / CO Detectors and 12 ADA Compliant Smoke detectors from XXXX for a total purchase price of $XXX as procured through sealed bids due October 30th. 95% percent of the purchase will be covered by a Fire Prevention and Safety Grant, with the balance covered by a donation from CP Cash and Carry. (Start at 29:47).

Item #3 – Consideration of a Resolution to permit the City of Cortland to override the 2021 Tax Cap. (Start at 35:03)

Item #4 – COVID19 and Response (Start at 36:39).