Cortland County Health Department partnering with Guthrie Medical & SUNY Cortland to open a large scale COVID-19 vaccination clinic

Press release from the Cortland County Health Department.

With the announcement by New York State that COVID-19 vaccinations have now been expanded to include those individuals in the 1B category, Cortland County is partnering with the Guthrie Cortland Medical Center and SUNY Cortland to meet the increased demand.

Currently the County, Guthrie Medical Center, and Family Health Network are in the process of vaccinating those individuals listed in the 1A category; this includes front-line medical workers and medical workers in primary care offices. The Phase 1B category includes individuals ages 75 and older. For more information on who is eligible for vaccination use the following link:

Cortland County is working with the university and local hospital to open the large-scale Cortland County COVID-19 vaccination clinics on the SUNY Cortland campus as soon as next week.

The number of individuals who can be vaccinated continues to be based on the amount of vaccine that is made available to the County each week by New York State. With that in mind, the Cortland County Health Department is working with SUNY Cortland and the Guthrie Cortland Medical Center to set up a large clinic space on the Cortland campus to meet the demand for increased vaccination.

Cortland County Public Health Director, Lisa Perfetti, expressed her gratitude to the College and to Guthrie for coming together quickly to organize the upcoming clinics.

“As a member of this special community, SUNY Cortland is always eager to help,” SUNY Cortland President Erik J. Bitterbaum said. “During times like these, all segments of the community must collaborate and work together.”

Cortland County Legislative Chairman, Paul Heider, said, “Working alongside the College and the hospital allows the County Health Department to support a more robust vaccination effort in our community.”

Additional information regarding the times, location, and appointments for the upcoming clinics will be announced on the County website and through local media.